• Grover Industries
    superior galvanised coating
    to ensure rust resistance
  • Grover Industries.
    Smooth Surface Free Of Oil And Dirt
  • Wire Stitching
    Paper Drilling
    Eyeletting and Riveting
    WireO Binding
    Round Cornering

About US

    Gayathri Machineries is a 50 year old trading company serving the Print industry with the best quality machines and consumables. A simple philosophy of "Best Quality at Reasonable Pricing" has allowed Gayathri to develop into a strong brand across the country. Partnering with leading global companies has ensured that Gayathri brand grows stronger by the day. Grover Stitching Wire is the latest buzz in the Post-press industry. International quality stitching wires made in India. With the largest production capacity in India, Grover Stitching wire is well poised to capture a large market share of the Indian subcontinent and would also make an impression in the Global markets


Spool Types

Wire Size

Contact US

    Grover Industries
    128-C, Vichoor Industrial Estate
    Manali New Town
    Chennai 600103
    Phone : +91 - 98404 11582

PostPress Solutions
Wire Stitching
  • - Hohner, Germany
  • - Nagel, Germany
  • - Skrebba, Germany
  • - Grover Stitching Wire, India
  • WireO Binding
  • - CSTEK, Taiwan
  • - Rilecart, Italy
  • - Bekaert, Belgium
  • Paper Drilling
  • - Nagel, Germany
  • - Dureselen, Germany
  • - Hang, Germany
  • Cutting
  • - Schnonberger, Germany
  • - Duroflex, Austria
  • Eyeletting and Riveting
  • - Hang, Germany
  • Round Cornering
  • - CSTEK, Taiwan
  • Printing - Special Machines
    Special machine for Invoice book, Receipt book, Courier Challan and Duplicate Books Printing